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Who inspires me? I am amazed on a daily basis. who, what, and where  I find my inspiration.  What is even more amazing is that when others I am around have found less to smile about as they age, I keep finding more joi in every situation.

I watch and learn, I listen and hear, I feel and respond, I reach out and create.  My life feels richer and fuller than ever.

Is it just me? Is it just because I try to be and stay optimistic or because I am naturally seeing life with fresh eyes.  Maybe.  Somewhat.  Not necessarily.  I feel like I and my family have had more than our share of struggles and challenges.  But I refuse to sit in the space of defeat and let it bury me. I have watched it happen to family members. I have seen it devastate parents and teens, preteens, and children.

I see others crippled with worry and fear.  Does this happen to you?  Is the worry and fear, the anxiety and stress, doing anything more than holding you back?

I see and feel inspired by the youth who are currently surrounding me daily in my passionate life.  I do not even call it work.  It is a daily life of love.  I see potential and possibility within every child’s smile, frown, anger, or sadness.

What do you see in those around you?  What do you see in yourself?

What do you consciously choose for you?

I. Choose. Happy.

I. Choose. Life.

I. Choose. Contentment.

I. Choose. Joi.




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