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Where are you going and what is getting you there?  I mean, you!  Age set aside, in school, or not.  Parent or child, student or teacher, elementary, middle school, high school, or college.  What I am asking is how are you standing out?  Are you standing and living above the fray?

What is the fray, you might ask? It’s that space, where you might initially find comfort and  friends.  Where you feel a part of a group or some club.  Where you fall in line with the group, peers, coworkers, or teammates.

Normally, those groups would sound pretty good, right?  Who doesn’t want to be a part of something?  But how often are we letting the groups choices and decisions cause us to fall within the fray?

The Fray – the place where choices and gossip, rumors and innuendo, fibs and lies, lack of honesty and more importantly a shedding or a never building of our own integrity or authenticity.  I am seeing this every day.  When it’s cooler to be wrong and bad, than it is to be honest and right.  When fitting in is more important than laws and standing up for what is right.  When protecting your buddy, is more important, even if what they have done is really, really, bad and wrong – than it is to stand up for what is not only right BUT what will speak to our character as a human being.

We are all entitled as humans to have our own views about life and people and the world around us.  But when does fitting in, when does curiosity, when do teenage pranks, become harmful, hurtful, damage, or in the worst case an illegal violations of others?

When is it the right time to acknowledge these real issues?  Now or  when you are older and supposedly more mature?  How long will we just speak of these injustices as a ” right of passage” or all kids go thru this at that age?

The answer is NOW is the time.  Not when you are older.  We will speak of these injustices RIGHT NOW.  Why?  Because if we don’t,  the wrongs keep escalating, and the norm for those wrongs become criminal.  We MUST establish faith in our youth, and instill in them the trust that they are capable of – and that they want to do what is right.  That now is not too soon- that later is too late, when patterns  of gossiping, mistreating, abusing others for their own laughter or misguided attempt at popularity or coolness has become the norm – and rising Above the Fray is not even considered.

Above the fray is also like staying above the line – in your words, your actions, your deeds.  Below the line is too often the norm – whether in how we think and act about ourselves – or in the way we act and treat others.

Now is the time.  Now is the place.  Now is not too soon.  Now is not to late.

Stay above the line.  Stop living below it – in every choice, word, decision, and action.

Live – Now.  A life that every single day, you commit to staying:

Above the Fray.




Joiful Life





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