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imageYou are at the center of your circuit. Now and probably always. That is not a selfish idea or thought.  You, first and foremost, have to take care of you.  Your needs, your health, your education, etc.  That is where your life starts. As a baby, you let others know when to take care of you.  Some of that goes on until you are an adult and out on your own.  But what is after the “you” at the center?

Let’s look at the next circle of people who are important to you and your life right now……parents, siblings, family, close friends, mentors, and teachers.  Those people you are close to,  those who are your biggest supporters.  Consider how those people came into your lives? And how they are influencing your life now, or how are you influencing theirs?

Then, create another circle, outside of the first one.  Maybe consider that this circle includes connections that you made through people in the first circle.  How does the impact travel from  one circle to another?  From one connection to another?  New ideas, new ways of thinking, new philosophies of life, and new adventures.

Keep adding another circle, and another.  Concentric ones that widen and deepen the people that you know and how you know them.  Then soon, you discover that not only are individuals influencing you that are three, four, six, ten circles out from your center……you recognize that you, too, might be influencing them.

This goes both ways.  You can see ideas and behaviors that don’t work with you and your ideas of life and attitude and behavior and actions. You can move or drop people from your circles because they are trying to influence you negatively.

And then, people often move into and out of circles …… closer or further away.  This isn’t because you pick and choose friends and associates on a whim.  It just means as life goes on, who is important in your life can change.  Who influences you and who you impact shifts over time.

What is the coolest thing of all of this, though?  That over time, someone from a long ago circle (currently a distant circle), brings a new person into a closer circle through your original connection…..who then becomes a big, new, impactful influence in your life.

It’s truly  why you should always be open to possibilities.  You never know.  Just around the next corner, the next phone call, the next  teacher, or friend….lies the one who shifts your life in a big way.  It’s jist another way of being mindful.  Of practicing mindfulness in life every single day.

Be awake  to the connections, the circles, and the circuits of life.



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