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What is happy?  Are you, Happy?  How do you know and when do you know?  if you are happy? What age do you need to be to find, create, and be happy?

I believe, that each of us are meant to be happy and content.  In our lifetime.  Not necessarily everyday. But generally speaking, we should and we deserve to be calm, and at ease with our lives.  If we aren’t, then it’s time to look at why or what is keeping us from being happy.

We could expect that happiness just are the highest highs and the toughest lows.  Or we could begin to understand that the real life,  happens in the daily ups and downs of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.  You know, the laundry and the job, the dishes and the meals,  the homework and the tests, the games and the practices.  You realize, that most of life happens on the day to day, not the bigger events of life.  They may shape some days and some future ones, but not define them.

So, are you willing and able to see the joi in the small things each day? You might have to stop to think of them, the great cookie, the smile of a small child, the fuzzy warmth of a puppy or kitten, a text from a friend.

And, can you recognize the places where you might be feeling sad over small things, that should stay small?  You know, when one little event or thing “ruined” your day?  Why?  Was it worth the bad to be upset over some drama?

When is long periods of sadness a place of concern? For yourself or someone your know?   When is it time to help or ask for someone’s advice? Maybe in these times, when so many of us suffer from depression and more, we might think of speaking up sooner than later.

When you know that someone is concerned about you and your well- being, well that can be just enough of the difference before someone really struggles.  Think about it, please don’t just dismiss it .  That’s how someone falls through the cracks.

Make a list of at least 10 things that make you smile… on the outside or the inside!  Make another list of 10 things that make you sad.  Consider if they are all worth your sadness.  Definitely some things are very sad and take awhile to move beyond and to understand.  That’s when it helps to share those feelings with someone else who can shed a different view on the topic.

Happy & Sad?  You have more choices in the matter than you might think.  So let’s move towards happiness and contentment!



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