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Random? Acts? Kindness?  How do these come together and help ourselves and others? What does it entail?  Is it hard? What is it? How can we move random acts of kindness to our daily practices, actions, patterns, and behaviors?

All of these questions are valuable and good ones!  First off, what are Random Acts of Kindness?  They are small and generous gestures that help others without bringing notice or attention to ourselves.  They are done out of the goodness within us, our generous spirit, and the caring of other human beings.

How do we begin?  It’s actually very easy and simple.  Pay attention!  Just as we have been learning about through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga – we observe, we look, we listen and then act.  It may seem random at first, but after observations, you can spot places to act daily.

Maybe you pick up another student’s papers that they dropped on the floor- even if you don’t know them, even if it jams up the hallway, even if your friends won’t stop to help.  Be observant, and act.

You don’t need to tell others about how “good” you are.  You don’t need to shout it out or make a big deal of it.  You just do it.  Because it is right.

Then you keep watching, observing, and doing.  After a bit of time, it becomes your daily pattern, part of your routine, and part of you.  You might get noticed for it, but that is not the goal or the purpose.  The idea is not to do it so that others notice you, but to do it because  – all of us benefit from the actions of a generous, giving spirit.

How do we know this?  Well, just consider when and how you have felt when someone else helped you out.  Even from the very tiniest gesture, you were grateful.  You were thankful.  You were most probably feeling generous yourself after someone gave you a helping hand.  It never has to be for some big, huge gesture to make a difference.  It’s the little, every day gestures that change the world.

Random Acts of Kindness.  Now part of your every day actions.  Go change the world and make it a better place.


Robbin of Joiful Life



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