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The “Power of P”?  What’s that all about?  It’s definitely about. The power of words, decisions, choices, and actions.  How can or does it affect you?

Well, let’s look at words themselves.  All of us, at one time or another, have said something we regret.  Or, more often, we are affected by words, tone of voice, and when someone directs words at us.  It could be friends, siblings, parents, teachers, coaches, or bosses at work.

Why, when it is just a bunch of single letters strung together, does it have the power to hurt or heal?  It just does.  So, the conversation needs to start right here.  Constructive criticism? Don’t take it personal, it’s just business.

I call zounds and gadzooks on that one!  All words are personal.  If they are spoken to you or about you- they just are PERSONAL.  So stop trying to hide behind some other label.

Since we are changing the focus, then we need to be more aware of what we say, when we say it.  We need to be mindful of the tone of our voices, and where we speak the words. We have to be doing this….because it’s all getting real mixed up and messed up out there in social media land.

So, let’s begin:

“Pause”….. you know that moment, when you meet someone, are introduced to new material in school,  a new posture on your mat, a new skill, etc.  You just take a pause to consider it.

“Ponder”…. that moment after the Pause, hmmm.  What is this,  how does it affect me, what does it mean?

“Process”…. the next moment in time, after the Pause and the Ponder. Then you process the information, let it settle in, shift it around, get comfy and familiar with it.

“Proceed”…. well, then you can move ahead with this new knowledge, new acquaintance, new skill… and move on- forward or stay.

“Proof”…. of course, then with this new information and knowledge, you have found some proof.  Yes, I can use this information going forward to help a skill, create a new relationship, build upon.

“Power”…. with this proof, you now have the power to use it, throw it away, learn, grow, move away from or towards something or someone.  You can use it however you want or need.

“Poof”…. as silly as this word sounds, it really is a good one.  You have the Power to choose to let this knowledge, introduction, meeting, skill, etc. to just let it go…..POOF!   It may not serve or help you at all…it might be useless, harmful, gossipy, detrimental, or the greatest thing, person, knowledge ever in existence.  You decide!

So, see?   The “Power of P” has uses everywhere and in every situation. It’s a simple set of words that have their own purpose ( oh, there we go….another P word, aargh)!

Words.  Important, when you say them, how you say them, who you say them to, what purpose is behind them?

Who has the Power?  Well, not the words themselves, as much as, the erson behind the words.

The “Power of P” —- who’s with me on this one?






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