Upcoming Classes and Workshops

‘Joiful Life’ is a program designed to enhance personal growth and give empowering tools to support teens in navigating their life. Yoga is a non-competitive practice, yet it supports athletes and non-athletes to stretch and relax tense muscles and tap into body-mind-world awareness. In a fun and restful atmosphere, they will learn the art of yoga and other holistic mindfulness practices. Through movement, sharing in group discussion, journaling, and vision boards, they will discover the beauty of their inner light and allow their strength to shine.

June 8-12

Breathing Space
1:30-4:00 / 5th-8th Grades www.breathingspaceindy.com 317.900.2312

June 15-19

The Playful Soul
1:00-2:00 / K-3rd Grades 2:30-4:00 / 4th-8th Grades www.theplayfulsoul.com 317.253.0499

June 20-24

Breathing Space
1:30-4:00 / 2nd-4th Grades www.breathingspaceindy.com 317.900.2312

July 6-10

Flourish Yoga + Wellbeing
9:30-11:00 / 3rd-5th Grades www.flourishyoga.biz     317.841.0103

July 6-10

Blooming Life
1:00-2:30 / 3rd-5th Grades 3:00-4:30 / 6th-8th Grades www.bloominglifeyoga.com 317.800.4039

July 20-24

The Urban Chalkboard
1:00-2:30 / K-3rd Grades      3:00-4:30 / 5th-8th Grades     317.815.5711
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