Robbin leads young girls and boys through life with insightful questions, mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga and self-discovery.  Each class has a specific theme encouraging conversation, discussion, sharing, and trust.  Robbin creates opportunity for mentoring youth with intuitive caring.


Youths are overwhelmed and riddled with worry, anxiety, and stress…as well as a massive amount of incoming information via technology today. Joiful Life provides tools to navigate through the chaos of emotions, growth, and maturity. This enables them to progress through their teen years with the strength of personal self-worth and the belief in their own inherent value.


Joiful life can be designed to your needs. It can be set up as a series or a workshop to cover a set number of topics or a specific topic to a group (such as an athletic team). We develop trust, willingness to share, group dynamics, growth, intuitive thinking, and openness for discovery.  These workshops will create the space for the individual personalities to expand and blossom.

“Thank you! You have honestly changed me! (I’m still the same person) but yoga has helped me shape into a better more aware and understanding person.”

“This program has changed my life, and ways of thinking in so many ways. I feel a certain connection with myself that I had not felt before.”

“I love going to yoga classes with Robbin. Not only do we do awesome poses, but we are all inspired to try something new or get out there and just do it!”

“I really really enjoyed that we got to discuss issues and topics about the world that we thought were important to talk about! We also did yoga and practiced meditating! I loved every moment of it and would definitely recommend it for any girls just wanting to talk.”

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how to set up a mindful practice session for your youth.
Robbin Schneider